Cosmos Coloring Books: Bardic, Sembroni, John-Brown & Borrajo

To celebrate the re-signing of Bledi Bardic and Shavon John-Brown for the 2020 season, we’re sharing these downloadable coloring book PDF’s in collaboration with The Glitter Goddesses. The latest batch of art includes four year veteran Bledi Bardic, Cosmos Country’s Grenadian International striker Shavon John-Brown, co-captain and 5 Points Player of the Year award winner Emmanuele Sembroni, and supporter legend and 2018 mainstay Johnny Borrajo.

Make sure to color them in and tweet them to @CosmosAFA or Instagram DM to Brigada71 and TheGlitterGoddesses.

Welcome back to the club, Bledi, Shavon, and Emmanuele!


Brigada 71 Calls For Renewed Commitment From Cosmos Management

The Cosmos are an inseparable part of New York City — our city — and its identity. Brigada 71 is made up of New Yorkers of all backgrounds from different walks of life. Many know us for our politics and activism, but we are first and foremost New York Cosmos supporters. Some of us have supported the club since the 1970’s, while others have fallen in love with the club during the reboot.  Although we have taken different roads to get here, we are bound together by our undeniable devotion to the badge. The 5 Points collective is steadfast in our commitment to uphold and protect the legacy of this club. Thus, the following statement comes from a place of loyalty and love.

2019 was a poor season for the Cosmos – one which we do not wish to see repeated again. We speak not of the achievements on the field; we are proud of the players who fought for the badge and we celebrate them. 

Instead, what concerns us is what happened off the field: a general lack of investment in the club, an understaffed and reactive Front Office, a general lack of direction, little to no promotion and outreach to fans and prospective fans, and – the biggest issue for us – playing games in an unsuitable venue which led to dwindling attendances. We, as well as other NYC-based fans, had to contend with a 5-hour long round trip (subway to the LIRR to the bus then a 30 minute walk) costing $40 for every single home game. This led to many fans being put-off or priced out of going to games. What made matters worse was that while playing in time-expensive and cost-prohibitive Long Island, Long Island based fans did not show up in any significant numbers either. Each match was worse than the one before despite free tickets and misreported attendances.

Fast forward to the present. We understand and appreciate how COVID-19 has put sports as we know it on hold. However, we believe the problems which we have highlighted above predate this pandemic; they are fundamental flaws which the current uncertainty in the world is only amplifying.  Right up to the last moments of the season, we saw no evidence indicating anything would be done differently going forward.  

We want to see our club do better. We want to see the club actively prepare for a future when fans are able to attend games again. We call for the New York Cosmos to be properly funded and staffed, the club and games to be properly promoted, and most importantly: the Cosmos to return to playing in New York City. Nothing less than this will suffice when it comes to growing and sustaining interest in an increasingly crowded soccer scene.

2021 will be the 50th anniversary of the Cosmos. We are the true NYC originals. We look forward to celebrating this legendary moment on packed bleachers in the greatest city in the world; the city we call home.

Cosmos Supporters Commission Legends Art

Brigada 71, the organized supporters of the New York Cosmos based in New York City, collaborated with artist Eleanor Doyle to commission this subbuteo-themed piece celebrating twenty of the club’s most historic, successful, and representative players dating back to 1971.

These twenty players were voted as standout athletes who have worn the legendary badge of the New York Cosmos since its inception. It should be noted that this piece could have included so many more of the hundreds that have worn the shirt with pride.

This artwork is dedicated to the fans and players who remain loyal to the club and its Cosmopolitan identity and mission. It is especially dedicated to those who continue to represent the club and this community while aiding the many mutual aid initiatives in New York City during this time of crisis. We are grateful to Eleanor Doyle for this piece and encourage all Cosmos supporters to follow her and support her work at Homeless Ghost Prints.

New York Cosmos A3 Print

A high quality Giclée art print, of an original portrait by HomelessGhostPrints.
Professionally printed on 250 g.s.m . Available in A3 Portrait and delivered in quality poster tube ready to be framed on arrival.
It features artwork inspired by past and present New York Cosmos players in the Subbuteo style.
Players like Raul, Carlos Alberto, Franz Beckenbauer and Pelé all feature.
Would make the perfect gift for any Cosmos or football fan

Brigada71 Rojava Film Series

The revolution in Rojava and all of North-East Syria is giving perspective and new hope to people all over the world. The population of Rojava continues their struggle for self-determination, women’s liberation and radical democracy, defending itself against the attacks of jihadist gangs and the fascist Turkish state. At the same time, international representatives of hypocritical governments shake hands with Turkish oppressors.

While liquidation plans against the revolution in Kurdistan and Syria are made in Ankara, the European, Russian and American weapon industries continue to profit as a direct result of the wars in the Middle East. They make profits which cost millions of innocent lives.  With the ongoing success of the revolution, Erdoğan’s threatens further major military attacks on northern Syria with the aim of total annihilation of the revolution.

Born From Urgency Film Screening
February 7, 2019 @ East River Bar

For this reason Brigada71 continues to spread the message of Rojava’s eco-feminist revolution.  Our offensive in New York City can be found in our film viewings, with the aim of these viewings  to educate about Rojava’s struggle and this education is an act of solidarity with the revolution.  These viewings take place in New York City, while at the same time they connect us directly to what is presently happening in Kurdistan.  We invite everyone to join in our viewings. Those who attend are learning about the revolution and those who are learning about the revolution are participating in the revolution.

Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan Film Screening
September 19, 2019 @ East River Bar

The physical fight against Turkish and jihadist aggression in northern Syria must explicitly be connected to the fight against the policies of complicit governments around the world. If more democratic and revolutionary movements mobilize and organize through our viewings and classrooms, if conversations take place in our neighborhoods and agitations occur in our workplaces, we are establishing another front against fascism and imperialism in the Middle-East.

Commander Arian Film Screening
February 28th, 2020 @ MoMA PS1

Brigada71 is convinced that the freedom of women, the need to protect our ecology, and the necessity to destroy racist and fascist creep will give New Yorkers reasons to participate in the defense of the revolution. Organizing viewings for Rojava is a step towards developing revolutionary organization outside of Rojava.

Cosmos AFA and YPG flag with the Coney Island parachute jump in the background.

Please consider donating to the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council fund for the Rojava Emergency Medical Network. Click the link to help support our efforts: Donate to MACC NYC

Club A Kitchen

Over the past year Brigada 71 has committed to helping fight food insecurity in Bushwick, Brooklyn by raising money for Club A Kitchen.

Club A Kitchen, in the spirit of Food Not Bombs, provides free hot meals, groceries and a free store for anyone in the local community. As gentrification send rents higher and governments at the federal, state, and local levels continue to further their endless push for austerity, cutting food stamps and criminalizing the poor, people are increasingly being left on the street with nothing to eat.

Club A Kitchen is a direct response to world we live in and seeks to build a better world based on mutual aid and solidarity. In 2019, through donations collected at NY Cosmos games and events, merch sold, and tabling events, Brigada 71 has collected $1,000.00 for Club A Kitchen.

You can help our efforts by making a donation directly to Club A Kitchen by clicking here: Club A Kitchen – Free Community Meals in Bushwick

Love is free, it can dwell in no other atmosphere

To commemorate the New York Cosmos’ historic friendly with FC St. Pauli, we looked to the words of Emma Goldman to explain a feeling. Emma Goldman was an anarchist activist and writer who lived here in New York City during the early 1900s, and a woman from which we, like many radical thinkers across the globe, draw great influence. On the front rail of the stadium on Thursday night you will see Goldman’s words inked in permanence, an excerpt from one of her larger works that, in its simplicity, reflects our mentality onto the world.

This friendly match is more than just a game between athletes from New York and Hamburg, this match is a statement of defiance, of independence, and in our humble opinions, an expression of great love. Through football, we have found a connection to our community and to each other that brings with it an inexplicable intensity. For years, the fan scenes around the Cosmos & St. Pauli have found common ground in the streets, bars, venues, football pitches, and demonstrations of our great city, and on May 23rd, we will finally have the opportunity to share our teams in the same stadium. So that is what we will do, we’ll share the stands, the fields, the celebration, and the atmosphere we’ll create will be rooted in this familiar expression of love. Love for our teams, love for our communities, love for our pursuit of a better football and a better world. Because “yes, love is free, it can dwell in no other atmosphere…”

Willkommen In New York, FC St Pauli

Español, Deutsche, Shqipja, Italiano


On behalf of Brigada71 we would like to extend a warm welcome to the FC St. Pauli players, staff, and fans to New York City. We couldn’t be more excited that the famous New York Cosmos’ first home international friendly since the 1980’s is against a club with which our supporters have such deep ties and shared values.

We would also like to extend a congratulations to our friends from the East River Pirates, a group founded in 2008 by St. Pauli & Cosmos supporters to form a home for supporting the Brown & White at East River Bar in Brooklyn, and whose members have been joining us to support our Boys in Green ever since. We’re thrilled that after ten years you’ll be able to watch your club in your own backyard.

It is a rarity that we open our arms to any club besides our own, and while we look forward to our Cosmopolitans smashing goals past you on May 23rd, we do so with the spirit of football in mind. This game will be a celebration of our shared values and shared struggle: against modern football, against the USSF & DFB, against racism, sexism, fascism and all forms of discrimination, and in pursuit of a better football, and better world.

Another football is possible,
Another football is Cosmopolitan!

Enjoy your stay,



En nombre de Brigada71, nos gustaría dar una cálida bienvenida a los jugadores, personal e hinchas del FC St. Pauli a la ciudad de Nueva York. No podríamos estar más entusiasmados de que el primer partido amistoso internacional en casa de nuestro amado New York Cosmos desde la década de 1980 sea contra un club con el que nuestrxs hinchas tienen vínculos tan profundos y valores compartidos.

También nos gustaría felicitar a nuestros amigos de East River Pirates, grupo fundado en 2008 por hinchas del St. Pauli & Cosmos para alentar a los Boys in Brown & White desde el East River Bar en Brooklyn, y cuyos miembros se han unido a nosotros para apoyar a nuestros Boys in Green desde entonces. Estamos encantados de que después de mas de 10 años puedan ver a su club en su propio patio trasero.

Es una rareza que abramos nuestros brazos a otro club que no sea el nuestro, y mientras esperamos que nuestros Cosmopolitans los hagan añicos el 23 de mayo, lo hacemos con el espíritu del fútbol en mente. Este juego será una celebración de nuestros valores compartidos y nuestras luchas compartidas: de contra el fútbol moderno, contra las USSF y DFB, contra el racismo, el sexismo, el fascismo y todas las formas de discriminación, y en busca de un mejor fútbol y un mundo mejor.

Otro fútbol es posible,
¡Otro fútbol es cosmopolitá!

Disfrutan su estancia,



Im Namen der Brigada71 begrüßen wir die SpielerInnen, MitarbeiterInnen und Fans des FC St. Pauli in New York City herzlich. Wir freuen uns riesig, dass das erste internationale Freundschaftsspiel des berühmten New York Cosmos seit den 1980er Jahren gegen einen Club stattfindet, mit dem unsere Fans so tiefe Bindungen und gemeinsame Werte teilen.

Wir möchten auch unseren Freunden und Freundinnen von den East River Pirates gratulieren, einer Gruppe, die 2008 von St. Pauli & Cosmos UnterstützerInnen gegründet wurde, um ein Zuhause für den Support der Braun-Weissen in der East River Bar in Brooklyn zu bilden, und deren Mitglieder sich uns seit jeher anschliessen, um unsere Boys in Green zu unterstützen. Wir sind begeistert, dass ihr nach zehn Jahren euren Club in eurem eigenen Zuhause sehen könnt.

Es ist eine Seltenheit, dass wir unsere Arme für einen Verein außer unserem eigenen öffnen, und während wir uns darauf freuen, dass unsere Cosmopolitans euch am 23. Mai ordentlich Tore einschenken, tun wir dies im Sinne des Fußballs. Dieses Spiel wird eine Feier unserer gemeinsamen Werte und unseres gemeinsamen Kampfes sein: gegen den modernen Fußball, gegen die USSF und den DFB, gegen Rassismus, Sexismus, Faschismus und alle Formen der Diskriminierung, und für das Streben nach einem besseren Fußball und einer besseren Welt.

Ein anderer Fußball ist möglich,
Ein anderer Fußball ist Cosmopolitan!

Genießt euren Aufenthalt,



Në emër të Brigada71 ne do të dëshironim të mirëpresim lojtarët, stafin dhe tifozët e FC St. Pauli në New York City. Nuk mund të ishim më të ngazëllyer që miqësia e famshme e New York Cosmos që nga vitet 1980 është kundër një klubi me të cilin mbështetësit tanë kanë lidhje të tilla të thella dhe vlera të përbashkëta.

Ne gjithashtu do të donim të përgëzonim miqtë tanë nga Pirates Lindore të Lumit, një grup i themeluar në vitin 2008 nga mbështetësit e St. Pauli & Cosmos për të formuar një shtëpi për mbështetjen e Brown & White në East River Bar në Brooklyn, dhe anëtarët e të cilave kanë jemi bashkuar me ne për të mbështetur Djemtë tanë në Gjelbër që nga ajo kohë. Jemi të kënaqur që pas dhjetë vjetësh do të jeni në gjendje të shikoni klubin tuaj në oborrin e shtëpisë tuaj.

Është një gjë e rrallë që i hapim krahët në çdo klub përveç vet tonë dhe ndërsa presim që Cosmopolitanët tanë të godasin qëllimet e kaluara më 23 Maj, ne e bëjmë këtë me frymën e futbollit në mendje. Kjo lojë do të jetë një festë e vlerave tona të përbashkëta dhe luftës së përbashkët: kundër futbollit modern, kundër USSF & DFB, kundër racizmit, seksizmit, fashizmit dhe të gjitha formave të diskriminimit dhe në kërkim të një futbolli më të mirë dhe botës më të mirë.

Një tjetër futboll është i mundur,
Një tjetër futboll është Cosmopolitan!

Gëzoni qëndrimin tuaj,



A nome della Brigada 71 vorremmo estendere un caloroso benvenuto ai giocatori, al personale e ai tifosi del FC St. Pauli a New York City. Siamo più che entusiasti che la famosa prima amichevole internazionale dei New York Cosmos, giocata nel 1980, sia stata contro un club con cui i nostri sostenitori hanno legami profondi e valori condivisi.

Vorremmo anche congratularci con i nostri amici dell’East River Pirates, un gruppo fondato nel 2008 dai sostenitori del St. Pauli & Cosmos per aver dato un luogo, l’ East River Bar a Brooklyn dove poter sostenere i “Marroni & Bianchi”  e dove i membri si sono uniti a noi per sostenere i nostri “Ragazzi in Verde” sin da allora. Siamo entusiasti che dopo dieci anni sarete in grado di guardare il vostro club nel vostro quartiere.

È una rarità per noi aprire le nostre braccia a qualsiasi club oltre al nostro, ed anche se non vediamo l’ora che i nostri Cosmos possano segnare tanti goal contro di voi nella prossima amichevole  del 23 Maggio lo facciamo con lo spirito del calcio in mente. Questa amichevole sarà una celebrazione dei valori che condividiamo e della lotta condivisa: contro il calciomoderno, contro la USSF & DFB, contro il razzismo, il sessismo, il fascismo e tutte le forme di discriminazione, e alla ricerca di un calcio migliore e di un mondo migliore.

Un altro calcio è possibile,
Un altro calcio è Cosmopolitano!

Godetevi il vostro soggiorno,
Brigada 71

Brigada71 Prideraiser for Brooklyn Community Pride Center

Brigada71 is proud to announce a partnership with the Brooklyn Pride Community Center for our participation in this years Prideraiser. Brigada seeks fixed pledges for every Cosmos home goal scored in June, with all donations going directly to helping programs and services for LGBTQIA individuals in need living in New York City’s largest borough.

Click Here to Donate

After being inspired by Mateo Durango and Johnny Borrajo’s efforts with Playing for Pride, we decided on starting a campaign with Prideraiser. Bred out of a simple challenge between friendly supporter groups in Chattanooga and Detroit, supporters groups with Prideraiser raised over $12,000 last year for local LGBTQIA causes. With the number of groups nearly tripling this year as compared to 2018, we’re more than happy to add our name to the list and keep with our ethos of aiding our LGBTQIA comrades in the stands as well as outside of it.

There’s no better partner for us in this effort than Brooklyn Pride Community Center. Through a variety of positive, life affirming activities, Brooklyn Pride Community Center aims to give the LGBTQIA in New York City’s largest borough a safe space to celebrate, heal, learn, create, organize, relax, socialize, and play. For more info and ways to get involved, feel free to visit

Additionally, we would like to announce that June 9th will be our section’s Pride Celebration match as the Cosmos face New York Athletic Club at Commisso Stadium at 7pm. Come out, party, and watch your dollars go to work as we put seven past a gym club while celebrating pride. No place for homophobia or transphobia, no compromise.

There’s always more work to be done as we fight for inclusion for all (besides fucking nazis), but be sure to give what you can to continue the cause in Brooklyn.

Vamos Cosmos!

Brigada71 Travels with FC St Pauli NYC Away to Detroit City FC Friendly

This past weekend, a handful of Cosmos supporters made the trip from NYC to Detroit along with long time close friends of Brigada71: the East River Pirates, NYC’s FC St Pauli supporters group. Other regional St Pauli supporters from Detroit, Buffalo, Toronto, and some from as far away as Mexico also made the trip to Detroit City FC’s Keyworth Stadium to watch FC St Pauli make their US debut in a historic international friendly between the two teams.

Detroit City FC’s “Forged from the same bones” tifo for the FC St. Pauli friendly. via @jmeisenh

The NY Cosmos and Detroit City FC both share some common ground with FC St Pauli, bucking the trend of modern corporate soccer, with each team forging their own strong bonds with fans to build a unique culture of supporter focused football. The ultras sections for each side also happen to lean left, being deeply involved with everything from community organizing, fundraising for social justice issues, and rallying against racism, sexism & homophobia in and around their stadiums. In the case of of FC St. Pauli, the club itself has often thrown its weight behind antifascist causes. The resulting trifecta of punk ethos and culture, political activism and ultras-style support in the stands can be seen as the keystone that links supporters groups for each team together.

Red & black smoke display from the FC St Pauli supporters section. via FC St Pauli Fans NYC

Detroit City’s Keyworth Casuals are another example of this framework in action. The Keyworth Casuals (who, similar to Brigada71 and the 5 Points) have branched off from a supportive Northern Guard to carve out their own space for leftist ultras in the stands, while still participating as part of a well organized, match day focused supporters group. For this fixture against FC St Pauli, the Keyworth Casuals end featured two anti-racist banners from Solidarity & Defense, including a birthday tribute to Malcom X and a transatlantic reminder to punch nazis in the face.

Apocalypse vibes. via FC St Pauli

The atmosphere at kickoff was impressive, and Northern Guard’s drums and choreography were on point. NGS had such an intense pyro display at the end of the match, they seem to have gotten their flares banned (but for real this time we mean it). After kickoff, DCFC was quick to score, netting one in the first 10 minutes. But FC St Pauli was quick to respond, with a final score after 90 minutes of 6–2 in FCSP’s favor.

No Pyro, No Party. via Dion Degennaro

The rest of the weekend included a great program of other events including a team meet & greet, a fundraiser for Freedom House Detroit, and a panel discussion on the future of football. The NY Cosmos got a shout out from St Pauli club president Oke, and Ewald (might have) suggested the formation of a global supper league for leftist football clubs. Friday night also included a Rise Against show, but we missed it. Saturday’s afterparty was a big meet-up of fans, players and management from both teams. And also an Elvis impersonator.

Football is for the children. via Detroit City FC

Aside from the incredible experience of being able to see FC St Pauli play in person, it was inspirational to meet supporters for both teams, and talk about how and why to keep this punk, leftist and ultras supporters culture alive. Hopefully we’ll be seeing our comrades in Keyworth again soon, as we look forward to a NY Cosmos v Detroit City FC NPSL final sometime in the near future.

via FC St Pauli

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Brooklyn Derby: Cosmos To Play Italians In Us Open Cup

After a dramatic saga of appeals with the United States Soccer Federation, the US Open Cup Committee extended an invite to The New York Cosmos, Miami FC, & Jacksonville Armada to play in the 2018 iteration of the tournament:

“The Committee carefully considered the teams’ exceptional situation which involved all three moving from Professional Division II status in 2017 to solely Open Division league participation earlier this year. Since the move occurred after the Open Division league’s 2018 Open Cup entry deadline in mid-2017, the Committee decided to allow the three teams the opportunity to compete in the 2018 edition of the U.S. Open Cup.”

On April 2nd, the New York Cosmos drew the Brooklyn Italians for the Play-In round of the tournament, with the date and time being confirmed for May 6th, 2018 at 8pm at the LIU Brooklyn Athletic Complex.

The Cosmos played the Brooklyn Italians in the Open Cup in 2014, coming out on top in a 2-0 win at Belson Stadium over the two-time US Open Cup Champions.

Details for the 5 Points supporter section at LIU will be confirmed when information is available, as well as information regarding the previously planned away trip to Boston.

ALL BRIGADISTAS ON DECK on May 6th, as the importance of the Open Cup is as big as ever for our club!

— Vamos Cosmos!