We are Brigada 71

Brigada 71 (Cosmos Antifa) is a community of socially & politically conscious soccer / football fans supporting the New York Cosmos. While mostly unheard of in the traditional American sports landscape, the influx of socially and politically driven groups surrounding football clubs is extremely common throughout the world. With Brigada 71, we look to provide and protect a space that is vibrant, organized, and welcoming to all regardless of race, color, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or otherwise.

Brigada 71 is a subgroup of The 5 Points, the largest collective supporters group for the New York Cosmos. The 5 Points is known throughout the city and country for their unwavering support of the club and their commitment to a multicultural, multinational, and multilingual space for fans. Brigada 71 is committed to making a raucous atmosphere in support of our club every week with our 5 Points family, but like in many places around the world, we want to use this beautiful sport and our weekly gathering as more than just a 90 minute getaway. What our group hopes to do is build on the organization of Cosmos fans that already exists to create a medium for radical and community-driven thought and action outside of the game.

We are Cosmopolitan, we are antifascists, we are committed to keeping the rising racist, homophobic, transphobic, & xenophobic tide away from our club and our community. Punk football, and football for all.