Brigada71 Rojava Film Series

The revolution in Rojava and all of North-East Syria is giving perspective and new hope to people all over the world. The population of Rojava continues their struggle for self-determination, women’s liberation and radical democracy, defending itself against the attacks of jihadist gangs and the fascist Turkish state. At the same time, international representatives of hypocritical governments shake hands with Turkish oppressors.

While liquidation plans against the revolution in Kurdistan and Syria are made in Ankara, the European, Russian and American weapon industries continue to profit as a direct result of the wars in the Middle East. They make profits which cost millions of innocent lives.  With the ongoing success of the revolution, Erdoğan’s threatens further major military attacks on northern Syria with the aim of total annihilation of the revolution.

Born From Urgency Film Screening
February 7, 2019 @ East River Bar

For this reason Brigada71 continues to spread the message of Rojava’s eco-feminist revolution.  Our offensive in New York City can be found in our film viewings, with the aim of these viewings  to educate about Rojava’s struggle and this education is an act of solidarity with the revolution.  These viewings take place in New York City, while at the same time they connect us directly to what is presently happening in Kurdistan.  We invite everyone to join in our viewings. Those who attend are learning about the revolution and those who are learning about the revolution are participating in the revolution.

Guerrilla Fighters of Kurdistan Film Screening
September 19, 2019 @ East River Bar

The physical fight against Turkish and jihadist aggression in northern Syria must explicitly be connected to the fight against the policies of complicit governments around the world. If more democratic and revolutionary movements mobilize and organize through our viewings and classrooms, if conversations take place in our neighborhoods and agitations occur in our workplaces, we are establishing another front against fascism and imperialism in the Middle-East.

Commander Arian Film Screening
February 28th, 2020 @ MoMA PS1

Brigada71 is convinced that the freedom of women, the need to protect our ecology, and the necessity to destroy racist and fascist creep will give New Yorkers reasons to participate in the defense of the revolution. Organizing viewings for Rojava is a step towards developing revolutionary organization outside of Rojava.

Cosmos AFA and YPG flag with the Coney Island parachute jump in the background.

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