Club A Kitchen

Over the past year Brigada 71 has committed to helping fight food insecurity in Bushwick, Brooklyn by raising money for Club A Kitchen.

Club A Kitchen, in the spirit of Food Not Bombs, provides free hot meals, groceries and a free store for anyone in the local community. As gentrification send rents higher and governments at the federal, state, and local levels continue to further their endless push for austerity, cutting food stamps and criminalizing the poor, people are increasingly being left on the street with nothing to eat.

Club A Kitchen is a direct response to world we live in and seeks to build a better world based on mutual aid and solidarity. In 2019, through donations collected at NY Cosmos games and events, merch sold, and tabling events, Brigada 71 has collected $1,000.00 for Club A Kitchen.

You can help our efforts by making a donation directly to Club A Kitchen by clicking here: Club A Kitchen – Free Community Meals in Bushwick

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