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Cosmos B Release 2018 Schedule

In an offseason that’s been full of turmoil for our club, the first sign of good news emerged Monday: Cosmos B will field a team this Summer.

Cosmos B play in the NPSL, the 4th Tier of US Soccer, and have served as the reserve team for the club since 2015. While the NASL is locked up in legal purgatory and has chosen to forgo a Spring season in favor of an August to June one, the B team will serve as the most senior squad in the meantime.

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Pride in the Stands

Let’s be perfectly blunt. Soccer Every Sport has a serious toxic masculinity and homophobia problem. This isn’t news to anyone. There are currently a grand total of zero male-identifying openly gay soccer players in the top 5 leagues in Europe (Spain, England, Italy, German, & France).  With the retirement of Robbie Rogers this past November, there are the same depressing number of male-identifying openly gay athletes in any of the five biggest professional sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and ML$) in North America.

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2 weeks ago
This was rained off last weekend but will be taking place this Sunday! Come hang! CosmosAFA photo
3 weeks ago
Our expectations for you were low but HOLY FUCK.

Rocco is really gonna blame the team that he had unceremoniously fired at the end of 2019/20, then resigned just before the season starting for bad performance?

Unreal gaslighting of players and supporters.
3 weeks ago
Fundraiser event for Club A this Sunday! Come by! CosmosAFA photo
3 weeks ago
Love is free, it can dwell in no other atmosphere 💚🤎
Reminiscing about what a beautiful day this was
CosmosAFA photo
5 Points @5_Points_NYC
Two years ago today, another historic night for our club, one of many. 💚

New York is a soccer city, Cosmos are New York’s club. To keep the Cosmos from the people & the people from the Cosmos is cowardly. There’s still time to fix that.